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Ready, Set, Zo!

Ready, Set, Zo!

Andrew Alonzo returns to Ogden for his second straight season. The Washington native was a big name in Ogden last year as he was relied on in all situations of the game for the Mustangs.

“Me and my family didn’t feel like there was any better program in the country for this level of hockey. We’re absolutely in love with everything about the Mustangs - from the rink, to the city and the fans. It’s an unbelievable experience.”

“Andrew brings so much value to our group. He is intense, hard, skates like the wind and has a great snap. After getting his rookie year under his belt, I expect his game to really take off this season” Coach Orlando explains.

Andrew recorded 13 goals and 14 assists in his 50 games as a rookie. Alonzo concludes with, “I had the year of my life last year and I hope to have a similar season this year.”

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