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We’re always looking for families in the Ogden area who are interested in billeting Mustang players. Please contact our Billet Coordinators Russ & Jill Smith at to express your interest, ask any further questions or submit your billet application below.

Whether you’re a player, parent, or fan, we hope the information on this page is helpful to you, in explaining what the billeting experience is like for Ogden Mustangs players. Our players come from around the world to play hockey in Ogden. While the coaches take care of their on-ice development and care, a key part of an Ogden Mustang player’s experience is what happens off-ice, in the homes they are billeted in. We take pride in providing our players with the best accommodations possible, with caring families in the local community. For many of our players, this is their first time away from home. A stable home environment goes a long way in providing peace of mind and solidity to these 17-21-year-olds, as well as their own families back home. Many have found that becoming a billet family is an extremely rewarding experience, forming a special bond with the players in their home.