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Congratulations Yegor Khomyakov

Ogden Mustangs congratulate Yegor Khomyakov for committing to Weber State University.

The St. Petersburg area-native is excited to be continuing his hockey path beneath the majestic Wasatch Mountains.

Coach Orlando had some great things to say about Khomyakov. "Iggy was a great addition for our team down the stretch. He was the perfect fit for the locker room and helped increase the camaraderie throughout the group. His willingness to learn and be better every day was what we admired most. He was able to point out the flaws in his game but had the desire to improve. Iggy's positive attitude will take him far in life."

Iggy's friends and teammates are all familiar with the Weber State program. "The WSU coaching staff were very enthusiastic. They helped me a lot, in addition to

the Mustangs staff. After going through the application process, I was very comfortable with my decision"

When asked about his experience with the Ogden Mustangs, Khomyakov insists, "It is not a short answer. First of all, great organization. Great coaches. They pay attention to the little things. So when I came to the team, I knew I was not playing my best and they help me work through it to leave as a better player than when I came."

Khomyakov scored 2 goals and added 3 assists in his short 8 game season with the Mustangs. Most of those points came in the lengthy 3-game playoff series with the Northern Colorado Eagles.

Yegor adds, "The coaches know what they're doing. Little things are not little things - they are huge parts of the game." He laughs, "Little things all add up to winning the hockey game."

Coach Orlando states, "Working with international players is a unique aspect of junior hockey. We have had some great people come from overseas to develop in our program."

Khomyakov was quick to point out the coach's accessibility. "They always talk to you, in person. You know the connection between player and coach is on point, it's really good. They help you grow as a player and as a person. It just gets you going."

This Fall, Yegor Khomyakov begins working toward a Bachelor's Degree from WSU. Best of luck, Yegor!

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