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We are proud to announce that local veteran Forward Tucker Thorstad will be returning to the Mustangs for his third straight year. Tucker is stoked for the season: “I feel that me and some of the guys have unfinished business. I want to bring Ogden their first National Championship title. The fans and community deserve it” he states.

Coach Orlando explains Tucker as, “someone who wants what’s best for the group at all times. He is a very likable and coachable guy” Coach goes on to say, “he has a deceptive skill set and bag of tricks. But, when he sticks to that power forward style, he has the ability to change games.”

Tucker has posted 40 points, 16 goals and 24 assists, in his 87 regular season games with the Mustangs. When asked about how the group will best their chances at a championship, Thorstad says, “We have the depth on our roster and the team desire to do it. We all need to buy into the systems and keep the same goal for the duration of the year.”

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