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Day One Recap | 2021 Ogden Mustangs July 16-18 Summer Tryout Camp | Weber County Ice Sheet

By Tim Broussard OGDEN, UT. – Day one brought in over 140 players from all over the nation to participate in the Summer Tryout Camp for the Ogden Mustangs. Head Coach Kenny Orlando and staff consisting of Nick Dreyer and Steve Soto had a plethora of talented players to observe and select from. The bulk of players were divided into six teams and played one-hour games divided into two halves of 25 minutes of run time each. Two additional Prospect teams participated with teams being specific to younger players that would only play against each other. The skill level of the participants was immediately noticed with a few returners from last year having solid efforts and early success. Coach Soto remarked, "I like what I've seen so far and there are some very tough decisions that will need to be made". When asked about the camp overall, Soto replied, "I think it's been very successful seeing a lot of the things I want to see. Guys have been getting a lot of action and you're seeing a lot of different playing styles and play scenarios that you would see in a game". Day one wrapped up with a goalies-only session coached by Soto. Each netminder ran through a series of challenging scenarios from odd-man breaks to heavy screens in front. Every goalie was put to the test both physically and mentally. Interviews with the players (that individually will be posted at a later time) reflect that this is an incredible experience. Each player is not only bringing something to the table but leaving everything out there on the ice. Key Dates: Mustangs Training Camp | Aug 30-Sept 3rd Mustangs Home Opener | Late September Season Tickets are on sale now | Call Kim Bertholet at 801-989-8310 for more information Visit for merchandise, news, and more

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Go Mustangs!


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